DIY Mason Jar Tumbler

Recently I made my own mason jar tumbler that I now use to get iced coffee from my local deli! It’s reusable, great for the environment and I get a lot of compliments on it 🙂

This is a weird pic of me my friend took of me with my mason jar tumbler (it may or may not be empty because I drank all the coffee before I took the photo but it’s filled with love)

All you need is:

1 mason jar ($2 from your local craft store)

A drill or line up pick (I used my dad’s drill but a line up pick is $8 from Home Depot)

Metal straw here’s a link to some cheap ones:

  1. Use the drill or line up pick to drill a hole into the lid of the jar, mason jar lids usually have an indent as to where the center is, so use that for reference
  2. All you have to after is insert your metal straw and you’re done!

Remember to bring it with you everywhere just in case you need it, and they’re also a great gift for a friend in case you forgot to get them something. The mason jar I used is a 16 ounce jar, (which is the size of a small coffee at my local deli), and it’s the size of a grande at Starbucks. Also, don’t be afraid to ask at starbucks or other places if you could use your cup instead of theirs, just tell them the size of your jar so that you’re paying the right price for your coffee or other drink.

If you want to purchase one instead, here’s a link:


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